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Why OCG?

We have been observing Poland’s market and challenges the entrepreneurs are faced with for many years. Our wide global presence on international markets has led us to a conclusion that a situation is similar there. Nowadays being an expert in your profession is not enough. In order to run a stable, and – first of all – profitable business, you must cover all bases.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you must be knowledgeable in the law, accounting, hiring and managing people, you must stay connected with trends, you must have excellent sales skills and many other capacities.


How can you find time
to develop
your business?

Having noticed the needs our co-workers and partners had to face, we created a capital group being a solution to great many challenges encountered by a person developing a company, no matter if the company is active in Poland, Switzerland, the Ukraine or any other country where we are present.

 Within the framework of our companies, intertwined, but specialised and independent, we provide safety and support so that you could concentrate on your company’s development.
With our help you can get a clearer view on your business.


Companies can grow safely with our strategic and ongoing legal support on the Polish and international market.

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We assist Polish and international investors in securing capital by purchasing enterprises and real estate worldwide.

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focus on growth

We create safe environment for development of companies in Poland, both for Polish and foreign entrepreneurs, thanks to optimum planning and securing the accounting aspects of the business.

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We help the companies grow by searching, selecting and hiring the best people on the market.

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Pro Bono

We are a founder of IUSTUS Foundation.

IUSTUS Polish Legal Centre is a non-governmental organisation; its main objective is to build partnerships through implementing joint Polish-Ukrainian initiatives; their objective is to strengthen co-operation and good relationships between Poland and the Ukraine.

You can find more information visiting www.iustus.org.pl.

Within PRO BONO operations we support with our experience REVITAL Social Co-operative focusing its activities mainly on integrating and assisting individuals and environments at risk of social exclusion.

You can find more information visiting www.revitalngo.org.pl